Below is a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions regarding the Community Speed Watch scheme. If you have any further questions not answered here, please contact the scheme co-ordinator.

What does livestream mean?

In the most basic definition, livestream is a transmission of an event over the Internet. The "stream" is sent and received on any internet connected device. Livestream has also come to mean an event tha others share in a common viewing with chat option. This allows all viewing parties to engage in viewing at the same time while exchanging insight and thoughts on what they are viewing.

What does on-demand mean?

On-demand (also referred to as Video On Demand or VOD) allows an individual to watch the selected event or message whenever his or her schedule is convenient. You can see several years worth of on-demand resources by clicking here.

What are the different ways I can watch?

Option 1:
Click here to download the New Hope Church app to your mobile phone or tablet. Both live and on-demand events are available. You'll find resources, tools, and ways to stay connected to all of the happenings at New Hope Church. You will have the quickest access to all kinds of great content from New Hope, including messages, videos, HUB access, music, giving, and more.
Option 2:
Add New Hope Church Lorton to your TV streaming service. Both Apple TV + Roku apps are available in the respective app stores. Both live and on-demand events are available. Option 3:
Visit and select either the live or on-demand option for the event you wish to watch, and it will be played on your laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet. Option 4:
We often broadcast our services and events on Facebook Live. Follow nhclorton on Facebook to get notified when we are going live.

Is watching online really church?

You might wonder, “If you watch church online, how is that going to church?” The thing is—even though the people can’t physically touch one another, they’re still there. They’re still gathered. They’re able to connect to God together. And they’re able to become friends, even. In fact, because of the rise in social media and internet friendships, people are more likely to feel connected with a person through a screen than ever before. At each of our services, people have the opportunity to connect and chat with people. Online church is not the same as worshipping together with the church family. However, especially at this time, there are individuals that work on weekends, are sick, homebound, or are taking care of others. For these reasons, we believe online church is church!

How do I give online?

Your giving is changing the world. You can support the work New Hope Church is doing in your community and around the world.

Option 1:

Giving through the New Hope Church app is the easiest and best way to give. On the mobile app, simply tap the Giving icon in the lower right-hand corner. Enter your donation amount and set the frequency and then tap next. Follow the prompts to enter your name, address and then enter your payment information.

Option 2:

Click here to give online at If you already have a HUB account, log in to give. If you do not have an account, you can create one or simply click the Give menu item on the far-left side.

How do I still stay connected?

In a big church you can be as connected as you want to be; you can also get lost in the crowd if you desire...we hope to keep you in the know about everything at New Hope Church!

There are all kinds of resources, tools, ministries, events, groups, classes, links and resources to help you connect with Jesus, challenge your faith, stretch your faith, expand your vision, increase your capacity and help you on this site.

We live in the electronic, high-tech age and we hope you'll stay connected with New Hope Church through one or all of the options we offer. These are the best ways to stay connected:

Option 1:

We would like to communicate with you during the week via email. Once a week we send an email out that has some timely insight from the Senior Pastor as well as a current list of events and items of importance. If you’re not currently receiving email from New Hope Church, sign up now by clicking here.

Option 2:

Facebook is a great way to stay in the know. Head to Facebook and like our page to keep up to date.

Option 3:

We have a custom designed mobile app for your Apple and Android devices. The app is free. Click here for all of the details.

What if I have a need or a prayer request?

Our Prayer Team is a group of people who are passionate about praying for others, because we believe that prayer matters. We understand that prayer offers hope to the hurting, and inspires people to shift their focus to God, who loves them and will walk with them through life’s struggles. We are honored to pray for and with you! Click here to submit a prayer request.