Where are the mobile cameras?

Mobile Safety cameras are used across the region as part of the overall strategy to make our region's roads safer.


We use these cameras to detect speeding vehicles at locations that have been identified as sites of risk. As we are able to deploy our mobile cameras to a range of different locations, we can be more responsive to our communities' needs.

Lasers are used in conjunction with other recording

equipment for mobile speed enforcement.


They are capable of monitoring both approaching and

receding traffic.

LTI Van - Small.jpg

Week commencing

19th April

Enforcement Schedule - This schedule is the minimum speed enforcement that is expected to be undertaken this week. Officers can and may visit any of  our other sites, while South Yorkshire Police reserves the right to enforce speed limits on any road at any time.

Each of these sites is one of our Community Concern sites, ones where members of the community have expressed concerns over the speeds of vehicles using their local roads.


  • A621 Abbeydale Road South, Sheffield

  • A621 Baslow Road, Sheffield

  • B6065 Richmond Road, Sheffield

  • B6077 Loxley Road, Sheffield

  • B6132 Carlton Road, Barnsley

  • Braithwell Road, Rotherham

  • Burton Road, Barnsley

  • Herries Drive, Sheffield

  • Normanton Hill, Sheffield

  • Roughwood Road, Rotherham

  • West End Lane, Rossington, Doncaster