Pair Fall Foul Of Sharp Eyed Prosecutions Officer

When Davys Eddleston of Balby, Doncaster, permitted Wayne Collier of St James Street, Doncaster, to take his 62 plate BMW 320 away for minor repairs, neither of them realised just how expensive the final cost would actually be.

Collier was caught by a static speed camera on Balby road, Doncaster, and consequently Eddleston received a Notice of intended Prosecution.

Eddleston nominated Collier who admitted the offence, no doubt hoping to fool the computerised process into not picking up he was actually disqualified from driving.

Collier received a conditional offer and was well on his way to dodging the legal system when former police inspector Marko Zalad, prosecutions officer for South Yorkshire, reviewed the failed offer and saw the deceit, A file was raised against the pair.

Eddleston was prosecuted for allowing another to drive without insurance and Collier was prosecuted for driving while disqualified.

Eddleston admitted his offence at Doncaster Magistrates Court and was fined £335 and given six penalty points which resulted in the loss of his driving licence and employment.

Collier entered a not guilty plea and appeared at Doncaster magistrates Court last week.

Collier changed his plea to guilty and narrowly missed a custodial sentence. Due to the change in plea, he was given a 10 week prison sentence suspended for 12 months and an 18 month driving disqualification. Collier was also fined £435 and placed on electronic monitoring for eight weeks with a rehabilitation requirement.

After the trial Marko said: ”We have recently had a spate of admissions coming into the partnership from individuals who were disqualified from driving.

"They were clearly under the impression that our systems are fully automated, they never respond to the Conditional offer and if the matter is heard in their absence the fine is never paid and should they get disqualified and are subsequently caught driving and arrested they will make a statutory declaration denying ever having replied to the NIP.

"As this can be months, if not years, after the conviction the matter is costly and nearly impossible to prove as the original forms have been destroyed. Since we became more proactive and started prosecuting the keeper for permitting no insurance and the driver for driving while disqualified, word has got around and the nominations have declined dramatically."

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