Making South Yorkshire Safer

South Yorkshire Safety Cameras targets repeat offenders

Repeat offenders are not only a danger to themselves, but also to other road users. Within South Yorkshire the Safety Cameras has experienced a number of offenders that have repeatedly tried to avoid their speeding fines, either by nominating other drivers or providing names of people that do not exist.

Trying to avoid paying a speeding fine or red light penalty is a criminal offence, and as such is punishable by law.

Operation Obstruct is an initiative led by South Yorkshire Safety Cameras which focuses on identified repeat offenders and those who provide false or incorrect information. 

Operation Obstruct

Operation Obstruct aims to:

  • improve road safety on South Yorkshire’s roads by tracing and prosecuting serial offenders who provide false information in an attempt to avoid prosecution. 
  • prevent law abiding motorists who have been badly advised finding themselves in a position where they are committing serious criminal offences by attempting to avoid speeding orred light offences.


Enquiry Team

South Yorkshire Safety Cameras takes all offences seriously, particularly when dealing with repeat offenders. There is a dedicated Enquiry Team that actively follows up cases and works closely with the South Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Group and other Police forces. This means that police systems can be interrogated and personal visits can be made to enquire about speeding or red light offences.

If individuals are found to have given false information, Court action will be taken for any perjury or falsification offences. Offenders could face criminal prosecution for Endeavouring to Pervert the Course of Justice and therefore could receive a larger fine or even a prison sentence. If this is the case your identity could also be exposed to the local media.

Successful Cases

Operation Obstruct has already achieved a number of successful outcomes for the Safety Cameras, these include:

  • three offenders who have received custodial sentences,
  • seven people who have received suspended sentences,
  • a number of other drivers that have received hefty fines and driving disqualifications.

Whilst the majority of drivers that are caught speeding will complete the paperwork honestly there are a number of drivers that do not. These cases are fully investigated as part of Operation Obstruct. If found guilty of Perverting the Course of Justice a driver is likely to receive a higher fine and more stringent penalty than if they had admitted to speeding in the first place.

Remember that penalty points are only valid for three years but a criminal record will stay with you for life.



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