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Speed limits

Speed limits are for your safety. They are the safest maximum speed to drive at in the best conditions and it is vital for motorists to know what the speed limit is for the road they are on in relation to the vehicle they are using.
It is the driver's responsibility to be aware of the signs and drive within the prescribed maximum speed.

Who sets the speed limit?

The local authority set the speed limit depending on the condition and circumstances of any particular road in their area.  If the speed limit has been lowered it is because of the local conditions and for everyone's safety.  In the case of trunk roads and motorways the speed limits are the responsibility of Highways England. 
It is the responsibility of the driver to be aware of the signs and road conditions and drive responsibly and in all circumstances within the prescribed maximum speed.

The speed limits

This table below shows the maximum speed limit.  However, your speed should vary according to the prevailing conditions.
It's possible for a road in a built up area to have 40 mph limit BUT this will be signed in accordance with road traffic regulations. It's equally possible that there will be areas where the 60 and 70 mph limit will be set lower.
* If there are no signs it can be assumed that in a built up area with street lighting the limit is 30 mph.
Speeds are shown as mph(kph).



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