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Client Comments and Feedback

Many course attendees enjoy the experience and feedback shows that on average, over 90% of attendees think that the course is either good or excellent. This feedback helps the course provider, TTC, to continue making improvements to the structure and content of the course so that it best meets motorists' needs.


Recent comments from clients who have completed the course include:


  • "I felt that the course was extremely worthwhile even if I did initially feel aggrieved by the summons for speeding. I feel that the content and way the course was managed was excellent and I would even suggest that compulsory courses ought to be brought in in after say every years of driving experience for all drivers. I hope not to see you again but thank you for the wake up call."

  • "I would like to express my thanks for the very informative training workshop I have attended this morning in Sheffield. Barry and Jo were fantastic trainers and delivered the course brilliantly with an excellent balance of facts, tips and fun. I am sure that many of the attendants will change their driving behaviour as a result of the course, I definitely intend to."

  • "What a good experience. Initially there to get away with the 3 points that I would have got if I'd opted for the legal route. Within the first 30 minutes it became obvious that I really needed the course, not only to bring me up to speed with current regulations, but also to refresh my brain of facts that should have been there and had slipped. It now confirms that I had slipped into bad habits (I also suspect that I wasn't the only one one the course) and needed a reminder."

  • "It was most informative and eye opening and i'm sure that everyone benefitted from it. The instructors were professional and courteous making the afternoon enjoyable and rewarding."

  • "Thank you for the course which was well worth attending.  I feel all drivers should take this after about five years of driving which is about when we all get complacent."

  • "I have found myself telling others of the morning on how they can become more speed aware which is one of the big successes of the course."

  • " I think the course would benefit any driver . Having been driving many years it was something that I can honestly say I did learn an awful lot from. Obviously I hope I don’t have to attend again, but the actual structure and learning was indeed worthwhile." -SW

  • "I would like to thank the presenters for making the course informative and enjoyable. As someone who passed his driving test in the 1950's when the Highway Code could be mastered in a matter of minutes, they showed me i've been living on a different planet from the drivers who have passed their test in the last few years due to the superior information learner drivers now receive." -JD

  • "It was an enjoyable, interesting course that was very well delivered. Barry (the presenter) did a very good job of working the audience and I learnt a lot whilst being entertained." -ST

  • "I was quite cynical about attending this course initially so quite surprised that I found the whole experience really interestign and thought provoking." "I am sure all drivers would benefit from this course." -AI

  • "The scheme is a really positive way of tryign to change driver attitudes, it certainly made me think and appreciate that you do need to change your approach. I am now considering looking into taking my advanced driving test." -JB

  • "The course was run by Barry and Alan and I would like to say that it was extremely good. Barry made sure that we all understood the information but did it in a very interesting way." -BL

  • "Talking to others during the break I found that they, like me, were really rather dreading the thought of spending four hours doing the course. Afterwards we all said that it was very positive and informative." -BL

  • "I am really pleased to have attended. Driving is part of my work and I can't believe how out of date I was. Lots of notes were made and I intend to take a refresher course." -WE

  • "I attended this course yesterday and must say that the presenter was excellent. I must admit that I did learn one or two things and in my opinion anyone like me who has been driving for over 40 years should attend such a courser to refresh their knowledge of safe driving." -ER

  • "My boss completed his speed awareness course on 1 December, he was very impressed with the trainer who took his course." -RW

  • The trainer was very interactive, very good in getting everyone to participate and was able to communicate his points across.” -DT

  • “Definitely worth while” -JB

  • “It’s a refresher of all things drivers should know. I've found out new information which will also improve my attitude to driving.” -LE

  • “Excellent course; really opens your eyes to things previously learnt but subsequently forgotten.” -ES

  • “Realised how much I thought I knew but didn’t.” -LB

  • “It really reiterates the importance of reading situations.” -PS

  • “The trainer explained everything really well and gave good scenarios.” -NG

  • Has made me think more about my driving. Hopefully may become more competent. Realised  I need to have a look at the highway code and recap.” -TB

  • “Barry was clear, enthusiastic and appropriate throughout. He made the effort to include everyone and this had positive influence with the group and attitude of attending the course. Barry is clearly very knowledgeable about the subject which gives people confidence in the information provided.” -CW



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