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Speed Awareness Course

It is well documented that speed contributes to a significant percentage of all crashes and a higher percentage of more serious crashes.

The overall aim of the Speed Awareness Course is to explore and challenge the reasons why people speed and to help drivers develop a personal speed awareness strategy to prevent future lapses leading to misuse of speed.

The course in South Yorkshire costs may be offered to those drivers who have been detected travelling in excess of the speed limit but at the lower end of the offence bandwidth. This enables them to take advantage of correcting their errant driving behaviour and enhance their driving skills through educative means provided they have not attended such a course in the previous three years.

Attendance on a Speed Awareness Course is offered by the Police as an alternative to prosecution, the Police do not record this offence as a conviction. If your insurance company/ prospective insurance company asks if you have attended a speed awareness course you must answer as honestly and accurately as possible.

The costs to drivers vary dependant on the course.  They are usually less than the cost of the fine of the associated offence.

The course is run by an independent organisation, details are available on the course provider link below.



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Have you been offered a course but decided to turn it down? If so, we would like to hear why. Please contact us to let us know your thoughts. 



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