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Safety Cameras – FAQs


If a speeding ticket is ignored, will there be follow up action?
If no response is received, a police officer will call at the registered keeper’s address and serve the papers personally.  If matters get to this stage, a court trial will be the only option and, if found guilty, the penalty points and fines can be considerably more severe.  Any attempt to give false information will result in criminal proceedings.

Cameras are often too close to the change in speed limit sign.
Speed should be modified at the start of speed limits. All camera sites are visible from a distance. Once past a speed limit sign you are required to drive at the speed stated (or less, depending on road conditions and environment).

The police should enforce speed limits without relying on cameras.
Safety camera enforcement is just one way to control speed and the police still have a part to play in slowing traffic.  The police may enforce speed limits using any equipment that has been approved by the Home Office and frequently stop drivers to offer advice about their speed without prosecuting.

Speeding is not a serious offence – everybody does it at some time.
Speeding is a criminal offence.  Research and experience confirm that excessive and inappropriate speed is a major contributory factor in collisions that cause death and serious injury.  The purpose of speed safety cameras is to encourage drivers to change their attitude towards speeding and comply with limits at all times.



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