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Safety Cameras – FAQs


Why is the Government so concerned about speed when road deaths have fallen sharply over the last 30 years?
Success at tackling other road safety issues such as drink/driving and the fitting and wearing of seat belts have contributed enormously to reducing road deaths.  In more recent years the use of speed reducing measures such as road humps and the creation of 20 mph zones have resulted in a reduction in casualties.  But we need to continue to tackle excessive speed and the proper use of safety cameras has shown that they will remain important at continuing the downward trend in casualties.

Isn’t the 70 mph motorway speed limit out of date?
Should it be raised given the improvement in road and vehicle design since the limit was introduced in the 1960s?
Given the proven relationship between increases in speed and the number and severity of accidents, to do so might increase the risk of death and serious injury.  Enforcement of the limit at higher levels would be very difficult and the greater leeway in speeds allowed would certainly result in more collisions. 

Why the obsession with excessive speed? Surely it's only incorrect and irresponsible misuse of speed that kills?
It is necessary to reduce both excessive and inappropriate speeds.  Cameras are highly effective at treating the former; other measures such as traffic calming features are used to tackle inappropriate speeds.

Why not try other methods of slowing drivers down, such as better speed limit signs, traffic calming, driver education and publicity?

Cameras are not the only means of slowing drivers, but they are effective in the right circumstances.



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