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Safety Cameras – FAQs

Safety or Cash

Are ‘safety cameras’ (speed and red light cameras) just another stealth tax for motorists?
No.  The only people who will be subject to speeding fines will be those that break the law. The primary test on the arrangement is whether it reduces casualties.  All evidence shows casualties have reduced significantly both at camera sites and in the areas where cameras have been placed.

Are cameras not simply another example of "bashing" the motorist?
On the contrary, cameras are of benefit to all people, including motorists. Cameras are already shown to save lives - more effective, targeted use of cameras will save even more lives, many of which will be motorists.

Catching drivers speeding has become even easier pickings using cameras.  Is this not just an easy way for the Government to pass on more costs to drivers when the police should be dealing with other crimes and more serious traffic offences such as dangerous driving?
Speeding and red-light running are very serious crimes and kill and injure thousands of people every year.  The only drivers who need fear prosecution are those who break the law and in so doing put additional risk on others and themselves.  Law-abiding drivers and other road users, especially pedestrians and cyclists, will welcome an initiative which is intended to make our roads safer for everyone.  Since their inception over 10 years ago speed enforcement cameras have proved to be highly effective at reducing speeding and, when sited at dangerous sites or along problem routes, have reduced the number of those killed and seriously injured by over 40%.


The more motorists you catch speeding and red light running the more money you have to spend?
No.  We are no longer funded via the "netting off" process.  Local authorities receive additional funding for road safety through the Local Transport Plan process.  It’s this additional funding that is used to finance the Partnership’s operations.  The number of tickets issued has no bearing on how we operate.

Are some cameras hidden?
It is not in the interests of local authorities or the police to place cameras that have no effect on reducing casualties.  All our cameras comply with strict guidelines and achieve casualty reductions or risk being suspended from the scheme.  Hiding cameras is counter-productive.

What happens if the scheme is so successful that fewer people speed?
If this happens there will be a very significant reduction in the number of people killed and injured on our roads.  This will save far more in medical and social costs than the loss in revenue.  There will also be less misery and suffering.

As compliance improves, camera use may be reviewed and scaled down as appropriate.



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