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Safety Cameras – FAQs

Rules and Guidelines

How many accidents are needed at proposed safety camera enforcement sites?
The guidelines for the proposed core sites of safety cameras have been developed to have the most positive road safety benefits. At sites where fixed speed camera enforcement is proposed, we use the guideline of three collisions resulting in people being killed or seriously injured over the previous three years at those sites.  For mobile speed camera, red light camera and combined red light and speed camera sites at least one collision must have resulted in a person being killed or seriously injured.  This does not preclude cameras being placed at sites that do not meet the guidelines if they contribute to the overall strategy aimed at reducing road accident casualties.

Why are the rules so restrictive?
Guidance on safety camera deployment has always made it clear that cameras should only be placed where there is a history of speed related road collisions.  It is vital camera deployment meets their primary purpose of reducing collisions, deaths and injuries.  A detailed set of rules has been devised including the need to conduct an analysis of speeds and casualties prior to the placement of cameras. 

Is there evidence that coloured cameras are more effective than grey ones?
No studies have been conducted but there have been numerous complaints from drivers that cameras have not been evident.  It makes logical sense that drivers will slow down if they see the camera.

Have visible cameras been accepted by the public?
It is believed that if the public understand and accept the deployment of cameras in an open way, they are more likely to respond and reduce their speeds as required.  And that is exactly what is happening in the safety camera partnership areas.  Partnerships must put in place an effective communications strategy to ensure the local people have a clear idea of why and where cameras are being deployed in their area.  Experience is showing that this approach is ensuring people recognise and support the use of cameras where appropriate.

I would like to request safety camera enforcement in my area, who do I send my request to?
Safety camera enforcement is operated at locations put forward by the local authorities, it is the local authority who is responsible for the road network. If you are concerned about speeding in your area, please contact your local authority by email, clearly stating exactly where you feel drivers are putting lives at risk by exceeding the speed limit. contact details are available online here.



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