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Safety Cameras - FAQ's

Questions from drivers served with a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) / Section 172 notice

I have received the NIP / Section 172 notice, how do I proceed?
The instructions on the Section 172 notice are specific in the manner in which the Section 172 notice must be returned to the Safety Camera Department.

The notice must be returned via the Royal Mail Post, and it is advised that this is by Recorded Delivery. Under no circumstances should you attempt to hand deliver the documentation of a Police Station.
It MUST be returned to the following PO Box address.
South Yorkshire Police, PO Box 767, Maltby, Rotherham S66 6BD.

This should be done within 28 days. Failure to respond to the NIP is a serious offence which can incur a penalty of up to £1000 and 6 penalty points on your licence.

I have sold the vehicle. Do I still need to respond to the NIP?
Yes, you must still respond providing details of who you sold to and the date of sale. It is also advisable that you check that your details at the DVLA are correctly recorded.

What if I have mitigating circumstances?
Everyone has the right to challenge an alleged offence at Court.
After completing and returning the NIP, you will recieve either a Conditional Offer Fixed Penalty or a Speed Awareness Offer.
If you prefer to challenge the allegation in Court you can request a Court Hearing. Please put the request in writing to:

South Yorkshire Police
PO Box 767, Maltby, ROTHERHAM, S66 6BD

If you are found guilty the Magistrate will determine your fine, penalty points and court costs. If mitigation is accepted by the Magistrate the case could be dismissed without fine or costs.

I have recieved a NIP later than 14 days after the offence, what should I do?
You should complete and return the NIP.

The law states that a NIP should be sent to the registered keeped no later than 14 days after the offence. South Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership generates NIP's using DVLA records. Occasionally DVLA records have not been updated and the original NIP is sent to a previous keeper or an old address.

Further judicial enquiries are required before a new NIP can be generated. In this type of situation, a Court will uphold the alleged offence.

It is each individuals personal responsibility to ensure that the DVLA are made aware of any change in circumstances. It is an offence under Section 2.3 of the Road Traffic Act to have incorrect details on your driving licence.

How do I know that the camera is accurate?
Our safety cameras are Home Office Type Approved precision instruments. They are used by trained operators in accordance with ACPO guidelines. Click here for details of camera calibration certificates.

Am I eligible for a speed awareness course?
A place on a speed awareness course is offered to those who have committed lower level speeding offences. A driver cannot request to go on a speed awareness course.

Click here for the Speed Awareness Course FAQ section of our wesbite.

Click here for the NDORS National Speed Awareness Course Guidance produced by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

I have lost my driving licence, what should I do?
Please contact the DVLA for a replacement (Tel: 0870 240 0009).

When can I expect to receive my driving licence back?
Please contact the Magistrates’ Court. 

What is 'fail to furnish'?
Failing to provide information concerning a driver's identity is a criminal offence. Put simply, failing to furnish is the failure to provide details of who was driving the vehicle at the time of an alleged offence and is more serious than the original speeding or red light offence. If a member of the public is found guilty of failing to furnish they may be given 6 penalty points on their driving licence and a fine of up to £1000.

The response must be sent as soon as practicable but within 28 days. The response must be completed in writing and signed accordingly.

Following an alleged offence, a Section 172 statement is sent to the registered keeper as recorded on the DVLA database. It is a legal requirement for the registered keeper to provide the drivers details.

If you were the driver of the vehicle at the time of the alleged offence you are required to complete part 1 of the Section 172 statement.

If you were not the driver of the vehicle at the time of the alleged offence, you are required to give any information in your power which may lead to the drivers identification by completing the appropriate part of the Section 172 statement.



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