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A61 Average Speed Cameras Installation

Where are the cameras being installed?

The average speed cameras are being installed on the A61 (Grenoside, Sheffield to the A616 (T) roundabout in Barnsley). A total of eight linked average speed cameras (four facing in each direction) are being installed along the route with the cameras being operational in both directions on the road.

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Why are the cameras being installed?

The aim of the new average speed cameras is to reduce the number of people that are killed or injured along the route.

Figures show that over the past five years 118 people have been killed or injured in collisions on this road, the majority of these collisions involved casualties over the age of 16 and were mainly male (69%).

  2007 - 2011
Number of fatalities 6
Number of serious injuries 19
Number of slight injuries 93
Total 118

How long will the installation take?

The installation of the cameras will begin on 19 October 2012. It is expected that the work will be completed by early 2013.

Once the installation is complete and the cameras are fully operational the road will be clearly signed in accordance with guidelines set by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and the Department for Transport (DfT).  Some of this work will involve temporary traffic signals at certain times of day but to minimise disruption no work will be taking place at peak times.

What is the speed limit on this stretch of road?

The road is predominantly rural in nature with a speed limit of 50mph along the length in question.

How do average speed cameras work?

The SPECS3 average speed cameras will monitor this entire section of the A61.Each camera works independently, identifying a vehicle at each location using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). A remote central computer calculates if a vehicle has travelled too quickly between two locations – if it has, images are retrieved from the roadside cameras to create a violation record.

As with all safety cameras, the aim of the average speed camera system is to encourage drivers to keep within the speed limits and not become speeding offenders in the first place.  

How are the cameras calibrated?

Speed cameras used on the A61 will be calibrated on a yearly basis. Calibration is carried out at the roadside by the equipment manufacturer. All current South Yorkshire safety camera calibration certificates are available online at http://www.safetycamera.org/certificates

What do the cameras look like?

A total of eight average speed cameras will be installed along the A61 route (four facing in each direction). The cameras are painted yellow and are mounted on conspicuous yellow columns. Each camera will be similar to the one shown below:

When will the cameras be up and running?

Installation of the average speed camera system is expected to be completed by mid January 2013. Once the installation is complete and the cameras are fully operational the road will be clearly signed in accordance with guidelines set by the ACPO and DfT.

How are the cameras being paid for and how much do they cost?

The installation in total will cost approximately £250,000, met from funds available to the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership. When you consider that, using Department for Transport estimates, we calculate that the current levels of death and injury along the route cost in excess of £2.8m per year and that we predict a 40% reduction it is clear that there are savings for the economy as well as heartache that family and friends feel if a loved one dies or is seriously injured on the road.

Will there be any delays on the road when the cameras are being installed?

 Due to the nature of the work there may be some delays when the cameras are being installed. The teams involved will do their best to keep delays to a minimum, however, there will be some temporary traffic lights used during the installation and road users should allow extra time for their journey in light of possible delays.



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