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Suspended prison sentence for obstructing, threatening & harassing Enforcement Officer

Oct 08 2017

 Luke Pickering given a suspended prison sentence for 8 weeks suspended for 12 months

A man has been ordered to pay £50 compensation to a South Yorkshire Police enforcement officer.
At 09.45 hours on Tuesday the 20th of June 2017, a South Yorkshire Police enforcement officer for the Safety Camera team was parked up in a marked enforcement Van on Park Road, Barnsley, South Yorkshire.
The speed device at the time was being operated through an open window at the rear of the van.
The officer started his enforcement and his attention was drawn towards a male Luke Pickering 23 years that had crossed the road 100 metres away walking towards the rear of his van.
Pickering shouted “No, no no were not having that here!” and was holding up a newspaper over the rear open window covering up the enforcement camera lens.
The enforcement officer closed the window in order to try to deter the male and Pickering did start to walk away.
After a few minutes, the enforcement officer reopened the window so he could carry on with his duties. Pickering immediately jogged back to his location and started to hold up the newspaper again over the camera lens shouting “Woe, woe, woe we are not having that, no were not having that at all!”
Pickering was observed heckling at passing motorists whilst holding up the newspaper. His behaviour continued and then he eventually left the location. Pickering later returned with an unknown male and once again held up a newspaper over the camera lens, laughing and acknowledging passing motorists who were sounding their horns.
The enforcement officer requested assistance by contacting the force control room.
Pickering continued shouting using obscene language requesting other males to join in with him surrounding the van and trying van door handles.
Pickering and another unknown male continued to hold up newspapers over the camera lens preventing the enforcement officer carrying out his duties.
Pickering then shouted, “The van will set on light, the van will burn”. The comments were picked up on the Enforcement officer’s mobile phone.
Pickering had been smoking whilst holding up the newspaper and the newspaper could have been easily thrown into the rear of enforcement van.
The enforcement officer was concerned for his safety and the matter was reported to Police for an investigation to commence.
A member of the public was also concerned and reported six males surrounding a mobile speed camera van to the Police.
Pickering was given a suspended prison sentence for 8 weeks suspended for 12 months. He is required to be supervised for 12 months and undertake a curfew for 8 weeks to remain at his home address between 21.00 hours and 08.00 hours daily, this includes his back garden. A rehabilitation requirement has also been placed on him for 15 days.
Barry Smith, Head of South Yorkshire Safety Cameras & Ticket Processing said;
“All of our mobile speed enforcement is carried out on routes that have a history of casualties brought about from traffic collisions. By obstructing our officers, you are potentially risking the lives of vulnerable road users.

South Yorkshire Police will look to prosecute anyone who obstructs, threatens or causes harassment to our Enforcement Officers while they conduct their duties”


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