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10 month suspended sentence for Perverting the Course of Justice

Sep 01 2016

A Sheffield taxi driver last week received a 10-month suspended sentence and a 28-day driving ban for not admitting to 2 speeding offences.

Mr Abdullahi Mohamoud of Wilfred Close, Sheffield originally nominated a driver which later turned out to be his father for both offences which were on the same day in June last year.  Enquiries were made with Sheffield Taxi Licencing to validate the drivers of the taxi and they confirmed that Abdullahi was the only person to drive this taxi.

Once Abdullahi was presented with these facts, he then went on to say that he sold this vehicle on 25th June 2015 and had a supplied a sale’s receipt which showed that he has sold it to the person who had admitted to the offence.  Taxi records were obtained from the taxi company which proved that on both occasions, Abdullahi was allocated jobs at the time.

Abdullahi and his father were interviewed under caution and both made a ‘no comment’ response throughout the interviews.  Both were reported for Perverting the Course of Justice and sent for trial in September 2016. 


172 Signing Claim

Before the trial, the solicitor representing Abdullahi’s father asked for the case to be dropped against him as Abdullahi was claiming that he had filled out both Section 172s for the speeding offences and put them before his father asking him to sign them knowing he would not understand what he was signing and that the documents related to the sale of the vehicle. 

South Yorkshire Safety Cameras did not want the case dropped against the father as he chose his right to silence during the interview and that would have been the ideal time to let us know and felt that Abdullahi was now trying to save his father attending Court. 

CPS decided to still drop the case again the father and prosecute Abdullahi.


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