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What is the speed limit on the A616(T) Stocksbridge bypass?

Dec 22 2015

Did you know that the A616(T) Stocksbridge bypass is not a dual carriageway?

The section of the A616(T) covered by our average speed cameras is national speed limit. The national speed limit on this road is 60mph for a car as it is a single carriageway (Other vehicles speed limits are shown below).



For a road to be classed as a dual carriageway, the two directions of traffic flow must be physically separated by a central reservation. (Rule 136 of the Highway Code)

Central reservation means -

(a) any land between the carriageways of a road comprising two carriageways; or

(b) any permanent work (other than a traffic island) in the carriageway of a road


Therefore, a road where the two directions of flow are separated only by lines painted on the road surface is a single carriageway, regardless of the number of traffic lanes that may be available to the traffic in each direction.

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