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Camera team capture evading offenders

Apr 30 2015

Committed a speeding offence and thinking about asking someone to take your points?

The message from the team at South Yorkshire Safety Cameras is clear; you will be caught and you will be prosecuted for perverting the course of justice.

Over the last two years, the Safety Camera Enquiry team have successfully brought 27 people, who provided false or misleading information relating to their speeding offence, before the courts and secured convictions.

Chief Inspector for Roads Policing Glen Suttenwood said: “Speed plays a major factor in many road traffic collisions, causing unnecessary heartache and devastation for victims and families.

“The sole purpose of safety cameras is to reduce the number of motorists exceeding the speed limits on our roads, and those who believe they can speed and then try to evade taking responsibility for their actions are seriously mistaken.”

Of the 27 taken to court for perverting, or attempting to pervert, the course of justice , the excuses given included ‘I sold the car before the offence happened’, ‘it wasn’t me driving it was a work colleague’ aswell as a father claiming it was his son driving and a daughter blaming her mother.

Some of the offenders had asked others to take speeding points for them while some decided to nominate people living abroad as the driver who committed the offence in a bid to escape the penalty for their crime.

The convictions ranged from a three-month custodial sentence, 200 hours community payback, fines and costs amounting to £745, a 24-month suspended sentence, six-months driving ban, six-month disqualification and up to nine points on a driving licence.

A conviction secured by the enquiry team in 2012 resulted in a man receiving a 12-month custodial sentence for perverting the course of justice.

The team currently have seven cases they are investigating and there are a further three with an impending court date.

Ch Insp Suttenwood continued: “The enquiry team have an essential role as the drivers who are prepared to risk the lives of others by exceeding the speed limit and believing they can get away with it need to understand rapidly that they are not exempt from the law and they will be caught and prosecuted.”


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