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Partnership urges all road users to 'Think Bike'

Mar 26 2012

Injuries to motorcyclists are far out of proportion to their presence on our roads: Motorcycles make up just 1% of total road traffic across Great Britain, but account for almost 20% of road user deaths. Provisional figures show that in South Yorkshire alone there were three motorcyclists killed and 85 seriously injured during 2011.

In a bid to increase awareness of motorcyclists and reduce the number of casualties on the road, the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership is asking all drivers to ‘Think Bike’. With the clocks now changed to British Summer Time and the recent spell of warm, sunny weather, the number of motorcycles using the roads has increased noticeably.

Superintendent Eddie Murphy from South Yorkshire Police explains “For many riders, motorcycling is not a year-round activity and a number of people tend to bring their bikes out at the end of the winter months as the weather conditions improve. This is evident with a number of recent fatalities and whilst South Yorkshire has seen some fantastic weather during March, it has sadly contributed to one of our worst weeks in a long time in relation to road traffic collisions.

“I would personally ask all drivers, motorcycle riders, cyclists and pedestrians to give the road their full attention and appreciate that if things go wrong the consequences will shatter lives.”

Chris Lewis, motorcycle safety officer for the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership, said “As a motorcyclist I welcome the good weather coming so soon after winter but motorcyclists are vulnerable road users and it is vital that bikers riding skills match the demands of the road and traffic conditions.

“Riders need to ensure that they are riding in a safe manner and are visible to drivers. As a biker myself I know how important it is to wear the protective clothing, if you’re involved in a collision it will protect you far more than just a pair of jeans and trainers.”

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