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Make a new year's resolution that could save your life

Jan 03 2012

Abandoning bad habits when using the road should be considered as part of a road safety-focussed new year's resolution, members of the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership have urged.

According to national figures, failure to look properly is the most frequently reported contributory factor is collisions and is recorded in 40 per cent of collisions reported to the police.

Whether you are a pedestrian, driver, cyclist or motorcyclist you can make a simple new year’s resolution which may just save your life.


·         If you are enjoying music through your phone or mp3 player when crossing the road, be aware that it can distract you from checking for passing traffic.

·         If you are going out for a drink, plan your journey home in advance. Over the Christmas period there has been an increased number of pedestrians involved in collisions with vehicles such as busses, trams and cars. Some incidents have resulted in someone dying.

·         Always find a safe place to cross the road, even if you have had a drink it will still hurt or cause more serious consequences.


·         Always drive within the speed limit, at a speed that is appropriate for the road conditions. The weather conditions should always be taken into account.

·         Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The consequences of doing so could change your life forever.

·         Always wear your seatbelt, they are proven to save lives.

·         Never use a mobile phone whilst driving. You’ll receive a £60 and three points on your driving licence if you are caught using your phone whilst driving.

·         Allow extra time when travelling in bad weather and consider if you really need to make your journey. Listen to your local radio station for traffic updates.

Scooter riders and motorcyclists

·         Always wear protective clothing, it could save your life.

·         In poor weather and low light conditions consider wearing high-viz, being seen at all times makes you safer on the road.

·         Always ride within the speed limits, at a speed that is appropriate for the road conditions.

·         Consider some advanced training such as BikeSafe to further sharpen your skills, details are online at www.bikesafe.co.uk

Pedal cycles

·         Make sure that your bike is fitted with appropriate lights if you’re cycling after dark. Riding without lights could result in a £30 fine.

·         Always wear a cycle helmet and consider wearing high-viz clothing to make yourself easily seen, it’s no good thinking about it after a crash.

·         Footpaths are for pedestrians, cyclists should travel either in designated cycle lanes or on the road. If you are caught riding on a footpath you could receive a £30 fine.

Superintendent Eddie Murphy from South Yorkshire Police said: “Death and injury on the road can cause long lasting grief and anguish to family members and friends. Everyone must take responsibility for their actions on the road, regardless of if they are a driver, pedestrian, cyclist or motorcyclist.

“Setting a new year's resolution to make road safety a priority will make the roads a safer place for everyone and may just save your life. If you hurt or kill someone on the roads it will stay with you forever.”

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