Making South Yorkshire Safer

Olympic dreams for South Yorkshire students

Feb 20 2012

From Monday 20 February, Theatre in Education performances will run across South Yorkshire, delivering important road safety messages to over 3,000 year 8 students.

The production, called Sporting Chance, is delivered by Quickfoot Live on behalf of the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership and covers a wide range of issues, with a strong emphasis on risk taking, peer pressure and distraction. It supports key learning such as decision making and individual responsibility, safety culture and awareness and changing attitudes and behaviours.


The performance concentrates on a character called Jen and her dream of competing in the Olympics. With her thoughts set on her goals the reality of the environment around her is the last thing on her mind. We see the dangers she faces every day on her journey to and from school. Using both physical theatre and comedy, the audience follows the central character’s journey to inevitable tragedy.


A post production workshop gives the audience a chance to discuss the main points of the play in an entertaining and informative way and also helps them to visualise things like stopping distances whilst understanding road safety from different perspectives.


Karen Vickers, the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership lead for young pedestrian safety said “With the Olympics in London this year, this production provides a timely and important reminder to students. Key messages focus on the dangers of taking risks as a pedestrian and the importance of paying the road your full attention, just one moment of distraction could lead to life-changing circumstances.

“Each fatal collision on the road costs the economy approximately £1.8million pounds and devastates families. Unfortunately over the past 12 months we have had a number of incidents regarding pedestrians becoming casualties due to not paying attention because they were using mp3 players or mobile phones, we have even had some playing chicken.

“Having previously worked with Quickfoot, theatre in education work is an important tool for passing these sorts of messages onto year 8 students. The visual impact of the performance is clearly shown in the workshops when students talk about what they have learnt from the show.”

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