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Annual road deaths and serious injuries at record low

Apr 01 2011

The number of fatalities and serious injuries on South Yorkshire roads has fallen to a record low according to new figures.

Statistics from the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership show that the total number of people killed or seriously injured on the county’s roads in 2010 was 435, the lowest figure since South Yorkshire records began.

Casualty reduction and prevention in South Yorkshire is led by a multi agency group known as the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership.  Led by South Yorkshire Police, the Partnership has members from the four Local Authorities, Fire and Rescue, the health sector and also organisations such as the University of Sheffield, Passenger Transport Executive, Highways Agency and the Peak District National Park Authority.

The Partnership adopts a highly proactive approach to agreeing strategies which are based upon detailed analysis of a variety of data sources relating to collisions.  It tasks a range of operational delivery groups, including the Safety Camera Partnership, to directly implement schemes and activities that will reduce casualties on our roads.

Compared to 2009, the latest figures show a reduction of 95 fewer people killed or seriously injured.  In total 34 people died on the county’s roads last year – the lowest fatal casualty total on record.  We also suffered fewer serious injuries amongst all our road users.

National and local research shows that the main causes of collisions include:

  • Failure to look properly
  • Failure to judge another persons path or speed
  • Irresponsible driving, (careless, reckless or in a hurry),
  • Speed, (either excessive speed or inappropriate speed for the road or conditions)
  • Poor turn or manoeuvre
  • Loss of control


Chief Superintendent Keith Lumley from South Yorkshire Police who is Chair of the Safer Roads Partnership said:

“The Partnership is pleased that we are continuing to achieve a reduction in the number of fatal and life threatening collisions in South Yorkshire.  However although these figures have improved dramatically since county-wide figures were first recorded in 1979, we still need to do more.  Behind each of these statistics is a grieving family or someone coming to terms with a life changing injury and the Safer Roads Partnership will strive to do all we can with the resources available to continue to further reduce casualties in 2011 and beyond.

“We will implement schemes that have an impact in reducing casualties which include a range of targeted educational based activities and road based engineering improvements. We will also target those drivers who speed, drink and drive, drive while under the influence of drugs, illegally use mobile phones, don’t wear seatbelts or drive in a dangerous manner through enforcement to prosecution when necessary.

“Each tragedy and its subsequent human cost  reminds us that we should be constantly seeking to improve our targeting of scarce resources into those activities that have the most impact through improving our research techniques so that we gain an ever deeper and broader understanding of the circumstances that surround a collision”.

In South Yorkshire the Safer Roads Partnership has a dedicated Manager who works across the agencies to coordinate the variety of activities and align budgets and resources whenever possible.


Ken Wheat, South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership Manager said:

“Back in March 2000, the Government published its road safety strategy and casualty reduction targets for 2010. Our target for South Yorkshire was 439 people killed or seriously injured (a 40% reduction from the 1994-98 average of 732). To have met this target is very satisfying and reflects the hard work and dedication of all those working in the field over the years. In addition I would also like to thank the public of South Yorkshire who have played a key role in helping us to reach this target.

“Despite this success we can’t be complacent and we will proactively seek to achieve continuous improvement in this vital area of public health and wellbeing”.

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