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No Children Killed on South Yorkshire Roads in 2009

Apr 06 2010

For the first time ever since South Yorkshire-wide figures began, last year no children were killed on South Yorkshires roads.

Since county-wide road casualty statistics were first recorded in 1979 there has been a steady downward trend for the number of children killed on the roads of our county and for the first time ever, no children aged 0 - 15 were killed as a result of road traffic collisions in South Yorkshire in 2009.

In addition, the total number of people killed and seriously injured on South Yorkshire roads in 2009 has fallen to 530 – the lowest figure since records began in 1979. For the first time ever since South Yorkshire-wide figures began, last year no children were killed on South Yorkshire roads.

Ken Wheat, South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership Manager said,

"It is a gratifying that during 2009 there were no child deaths on the roads of South Yorkshire, this shows how the Safer Roads Partnership and public awareness of road safety is helping to reduce the number of people killed in collisions on the county’s roads.

"This zero figure makes the Safer Roads Partnership determined to do even more. We must continue to do everything that we can to make the roads as safe as possible for children and other road users alike, and further reduce the number of people killed or injured. Work on reducing the casualties on South Yorkshire’s roads must continue."

According to the Department for Transport (DfT), traffic is the biggest single cause of accidental death for 12 to 15 year olds. Statistics also show that drivers are most at risk of having an accident in the first 2 years or so after they pass their test. One in five newly qualified drivers has a crash of some description within a year.

Keith Lumley, Chief Superintendent at South Yorkshire Police said:

"The Partnership is delighted that we are seeing a reduction in the number of fatal and life threatening collisions in South Yorkshire, especially where children are involved.

"Compare the fact that in 1983 twenty two children died on South Yorkshire roads compared to none in 2009. This is testament to the hard work and dedication of our teams within the Safer Roads Partnership to make every road user safer. Every death is however a tragedy and we will strive to reduce further the numbers of people killed on our roads through what we know are successful reduction methods.

"South Yorkshire Police will continue to target drivers who speed, drink and drive, use drugs, mobile phones, don’t wear seatbelts and drive in a dangerous manner through a range of methods ranging from education to prosecution. Prosecution is often a last resort but if it is proportionate and modifies driving behaviour leading to a life being saved then it will be worth it."

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