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Speed camera vans are made more visible

May 20 2009

Vehicles used by the South Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership to be replaced with new larger vans that are more visible to road users.

Vehicles used by South Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership will be replaced this week with a fleet of new vans that are much larger and even more recognisable as speed camera vans than the ones currently in use.


The larger vans with new livery are easily identifiable. The ‘Making South Yorkshire Roads safer’ logo is shown on both sides and a large speed camera logo appears on the front, rear and sides of the vehicles. In addition to being more visible to road users the new vans will provide a more comfortable working environment for the camera operators.


The vehicles are operated by South Yorkshire Police Enforcement Officers

enforcing the speed limit. The Safety Camera Partnership is part of the South Yorkshire Casualty Reduction Partnership which aims to reduce death and injury on South Yorkshire roads. Speed enforcement is prioritised at sites where there is a history of collisions and speeding over the past three years.


Gerald Smith, Rotherham Borough Council Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Development Services said:


“I welcome these new vans to our roads. They are clearly recognisable as speed camera vans by the large logos and checkerboard marking on the side of the vehicle.


“As a Casualty Reduction Partnership, our aim is not to catch motorists out. Speed cameras, both mobile and fixed, are placed at known collision hotspots and are intended to encourage the public to drive within the speed limit.


“The aim of speed cameras is to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured on our roads. It is a fact that just a few miles over the limit can make a real difference to whether someone lives or dies."


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