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This section of the website contains links to the current calibration certificates for speed and red light cameras used by the South Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership. This section also contains sample operator certificates which certify camera operators as competent to operate our equipment effectively.

The certificates linked from this section are all PDF files. In order to read them, you will need the free Adobe Reader software.

Red light camera calibration certificates

·         GATSO red light

Mobile speed camera calibration certificates

·         LTI tele-traffic (Concept DVD and Concept Compact Flash)

·         Redflex

·         Trucam

Fixed speed camera calibration certificates

·         GATSO

·         Truvelo

·         RedSpeed

Average speed camera calibration certificates

·         RedFusion 

·         SPECS

Type Approval Certificates   

·   Concept CF

·   Concept DVD

·       Concept II DVD & Lastec Ranger DVD

·       Gatso GTC-GS11-UK Speed and Redlight

·        Gatso Red Light

·        Gatso Speed

·       LED Traffice Signal Head Interface HOTA

·        Leica XV2 Speed Laser

·       LTI Motorbike

·        LTI Speedscope 20 20

·        Redflex NT

·        Redflex SL

·        RedFusion

·        RedGuard – Speedcurb

·        Specs

·       SPECS 3 & SPECS 3 POD HOTA Certification

·        Trucam

·        Truvelo

·         Ultralyte 1000 & Concept DVD




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