Making South Yorkshire Safer

Community Concern Sites

What is a Community Concern Site?

Community Concern Sites are mobile speed enforcement locations which have been requested by the local community.

Our enforcement programme must focus on Core Sites with the most serious casualty history. Community Concern Sites will be enforced alongside these.

Who do I raise a community concern with and what will be done about it?

Safety camera enforcement is operated at locations on behalf of the local authorities, it is the local authority who is responsible for the road network. To ensure that all requests are recorded and actioned, you should contact South Yorkshire Safety Cameras by email, clearly stating exactly where you feel drivers are putting lives at risk by exceeding the speed limit.

We will discuss your concerns with the local authority and if required, review the location in accordance with our community concern site protocol which can be found within our operational plan.

How often will the Community Concern Sites be enforced?

Whilst our enforcement programme must focus on Core Sites with the most serious casualty history, wherever resources will allow, our enforcement team will aim to visit Community Concern Sites as often as possible.



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